Why Are Some Rooms Colder Than Others?

November 19, 2019

You may have noticed that some rooms in your home are colder than others after the heating unit shuts off. This imbalance can be due to a number of problems, some with the heating unit and others with your home.

Blocked Airflow

It could be that the warm air is not passing into certain rooms as it should. For example, a piece of furniture could be blocking a vent, or dirt and debris could have built up in the ducts or air filters.

Inadequate Insulation

Your attic and wall cavities should be amply provided with insulation. It should be thick and resistant to colder weather penetration. If your current insulation is lacking in some areas, the rooms in those areas will suffer as a result.

Air Leakage

Ducts can not only build up debris but also develop leaks, which will reduce the amount of warm air going into this or that room. If you live in Louisville, KY, then you can request an air duct inspection from Legacy Heating & Air Conditioning. Our technicians will detect any leaks and seal them up.

Having the Wrong Size of Unit

Heating units need to be the right size for the property they heat. If they are undersized, they will only struggle to deliver heat to every room or floor. You may have made matters worse by installing a home extension.

Lack of Maintenance

Even if the system is fitted for your home’s size and rate of heat loss, it won’t do its job efficiently if left alone after that. Every system needs a tune-up at least once a year. You can have a professional do this; it will probably cover things like air filter replacement and duct cleaning, too.

Team of NATE-Certified Technicians

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