How To Clean Air Conditioner Coils

June 13, 2020

If you can’t get enough of your AC unit, we can’t blame you. These appliances are fantastic in the midst of a, particularly hot summer. However, they are due for regular maintenance and cleaning. AC coils are especially prone to dirt and dust and need to be cleaned frequently to maintain maximum efficiency. Unfortunately, you can’t just blindly clean your AC coils without the proper technique. Let’s take a look at how to clean air conditioner coils.

Why Clean AC Coils?

First of all, why is it even necessary to clean your AC coils? Well, over time, these coils build up a lot of dust, grime, and debris. Remember, water droplets are constantly being passed over the coils in both directions, and water contains lots of small dirt particles. Even if you are using perfectly clean water and other strong air filtration systems, dust will inevitably accumulate. When this debris is not addressed, it forms a layer of insulation on the coils causing a restriction of airflow. This reduces the appliance’s effectiveness, and it will have to work harder to produce the same result. This will take a big toll on your electricity bill, and it might even lead to failure in the worst-case scenario.

Cleaning Frequency

Now that you realize the importance of cleaning, how often should you clean the coils? At the very least, you’ll want to clean the coils once per year. This is best done in the spring so your unit will be in its best shape for the summer. When the AC is used frequently, it’s more essential than ever to have a clean set of coils for optimal performance. However, you shouldn’t be afraid to clean your coils more often than this. If you can notice a visible amount of debris on the coils, it is a sign to pursue cleaning right away. This will minimize any sort of corrosion or damage to the coils. In addition, the unit will be able to run at maximum efficiency without any wasted energy.

How to Clean

Now, there are two primary methods of cleaning the AC coils. One good way is to use a stream of compressed air to blow out any dirt or dust. This is especially useful because you don’t have to touch the machine at all. It is a hands-off approach, which minimizes contact and reduces the risk of causing damage. As powerful as the air might be, it will not stain the coils at all. At the same time, this stream of air is more than strong enough to eliminate any dust particles. Because this will whip up a lot of debris, it is best to remove any belongings from the vicinity.

Household cleaners are other good alternatives. Using a rag or a dishcloth, spray the coils and wipe them down thoroughly. Once you are done, go over them one more time with a round of tap water. As mentioned above, stained coils can lead to inefficiency or deterioration in the long run. Before you use the AC unit again, let the coils dry off completely. Running an AC while the coils are most can lead to complications and abnormal temperatures. The bottom line is you want to be as gentle as possible with the coils no matter which method you choose. The coils are more susceptible to damage than you might imagine.

Cleaning AC Coils

We would love to send a technician over and solve any problem you might be having with your air conditioner, it is essential to clean your AC coils and to clean them the right way. Please note that you do not clean these coils like you would clean a tabletop surface. It must be done with care for the sake of extending the lifespan of your AC unit. When all is said and done, it is in your best interest to contact a professional company to assist you with AC coil cleaning.

A resource such as Legacy Heating & Air Conditioning in Louisville, KY, is a great alternative to a do-it-yourselfer, professionals who will keep your coils clean and your AC in great shape. Our technicians use state of the art products to clean in the most effective manner and get the job done right away. Beyond AC coil cleaning, we offer work on gas boilers, dehumidifiers, and UV lights. If you run into any HVAC problems, do not hesitate to give us a call!

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